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Goodil is a family run company producing hand-knitted cashmere vintage/classic style baby & children’s wear.

We are proud that all of our items are made in the U.K. Our clothing is lovingly hand-knitted in the traditional way using 100% fine Italian cashmere. All hand finished paying attention to the finer details.

Our knitwear is all knitted to order making it special and personal to you. There is also the option to customise were appropriate by choosing the colour of the ribbon.

We knit shawls, matinee coats, bootees, mittens and hats that match and co-ordinate with one another to make-up sets. We also knit christening dresses & coats. All of these make lovely gifts.

All of our knitwear is individually hand-knitted and hand finished, so each item is special and unique (so there may be some variation because of this bespoke quality).

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Modern mums love cashmere baby blankets

Recently, it was lovely to see the Prime Minister, David Cameron, and his wife, Samantha Cameron, introduce their beautiful new baby girl, Florence Cameron, to the nation wrapped in a lovely hand knitted white baby blanket that had been made as a gift by a grandmother.

The grandmother had used the same vintage pattern that had been used to hand-knit her a blanket when she was a baby, some 70 years earlier. Such vintage designs are timeless and the traditional hand knitted baby blankets are clearly still very popular with stylish young mothers such as Samantha Cameron.

If you love cashmere pashminas, you will love our cashmere baby blankets and shawls!

As an indication of size, our cashmere baby blankets are a similar size to traditional cashmere pashminas; an accessory that many mums will already know and love for their comfort, softness, warmth and versatility.

As with traditional cashmere pashminas, our cashmere baby blankets are a perfect lightweight, natural fibre snuggily solution for all of your baby's needs at any time of year. Due to being made from 100% of the finest Italian cashmere, a Goodil cashmere baby blanket is a dependable and stylish item that you will never want to leave at home because not only will it keep your baby warm but the softness of the blanket will act as a comfort blanket as your baby grows so he or she will not want to leave behind either.

You get what you pay for...

Some of Goodil's patterns are over 70 years old. Traditionally they would have been hand-knitted in a white or cream yarn. Goodil has remained true to the vintage designs, colours and method of knitting.

The delicate pretty baby clothes that we hand-knit with needles take hours to make: for example, a baby shawl (or blanket) will take up to 100 hours for an experienced knitter to make using the traditional method of knitting needles, rather than a knitting machine. It is this dedication and craftsmanship that makes each item a very special one-off piece, unlike many mass produced items that you will find on the high street and online.

Our prices reflect the time, care, dedication and attention to detail that can only be achieved through the years of skill and experience put in to each piece by our vintage hand-knitters. This produces pieces that are unlike machine produced items.

Special baby gifts for all occasions

At Goodil all of our pure cashmere hand knitted baby clothes, baby blankets, baby shawls, christening gowns, christening shawls, baby booties, baby cardigans and coats, baby mittens and baby hats make stunning gifts for newborn babies, and would make ideal naming ceremony or christening gifts.

Every item made goes through stringent quality control checks ensuring that all of our hand knitted baby clothes reach you in perfect condition ready for your baby to wear.

We hope that you enjoy seeing your baby in our adorable hand knitted baby clothes!

Individual hand knitted baby clothes made to order

Customers have made enquires about bespoke hand knitted items that are not shown on the website. We are always keen to hear from our customers and we will do our utmost to supply the required item(s). Please contact us with any such enquiries.


Why Choose Goodil for hand-knitted italian cashmere Bootees, mittens, shawls and baby christening wear?

  • Family run company.
  • All items are gift wrapped.
  • Work inspired by traditional vintage style.
  • Everything is hand-knitted in the U.K.
  • Lovingly hand-knitted in the traditional way.
  • Fine 100% Italian cashmere.
  • Hand-knitted to order.
  • Customised items.
  • Silk hand-covered buttons.
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